Unleash the full force of ABM

Unite your outbound and inbound marketing and grow revenue with Account-Based Marketing

You are determined to take your SaaS business to new heights and succeed. Traditional sales just don’t do it - ambitious plans call for ambitious methods.

This is where ABM comes in.

Speak to a member of the UMG team to see how ABM can transform your sales and marketing.

The future of sales is here

Don’t waste time and resources on opportunities that will never convert into buying customers. Try the UMG way.

  • On-boarding And Campaign Set-up

    Know your audience

    No two companies are alike. So, we start by getting to know you and your priorities:

    Who are your ideal clients? How do you position your company in the market? What makes your product or service unique?

    We then use firmographic, intent, engagement, psychographic and relationship data to identify your Ideal Customer.

    Know exactly who your audience are, what they think, what they want and how to approach them.

  • Prospect, Convert, Close

    Grow your brand

    Once we nail the basics down, it’s time to figure out your unique path forward.

    Looking for more brand awareness? Want to establish yourself as the thought leader on the market? Trying to get more conversions? Or maybe boost your website?

    How about… all of the above?

    You don’t need to choose - we unite all of your inbound, outbound, marketing and sales under one roof of a full-on ABM strategy.

    Surround your potential clients with relevant messaging across every channel and orchestrate consistent experiences across email, phone, digital ads and content marketing.

  • Measure Results, Track ROI

    Activate & Measure
    Act the strategy and enrich your data

    The UMG team is with you every step of the way - from awareness to sale, supporting your sales and marketing simultaneously.

    We provide you with a personal dashboard to monitor the technical setup, sales copywriting, content management, bookings - and of course the results.

    Best bit? You are getting all of the data too!

    Analyse your campaigns’ success in real time and feed the data into your results-driven ABM machine for maximum output.

    Sit back, relax and watch your business thrive with an Account-based marketing and sales strategy.


Have a small idea, an ambitious plan, but not sure how to start? We’d be happy to chat and give you the ropes of B2B marketing in the SaaS sector. Speak to a consultant for your own long-term ABM strategy.

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  • robologic
    Alex Rudi | CEO

    “The campaign was a success. We generated many leads within the first month and are already in the process of discussing a major project.”

  • medx
    John Goslino | Business Manager & Project Lead

    "We have resolved a group of around 40 + referrals from the campaign to this point, which is pleasing, and a few are very relevant and timely cases. Meetings already booked."

  • vitro
    Jessie Sampson | Marketing Director

    "Overall we are really happy with the service that we’ve received. The outcomes of the campaign exceeded our expectations and we appreciated the transparency and visibility of the process."

  • haas
    Gabor Schmidt, PhD | Co-founder / Managing Director

    "With Ulead we managed to grow our company beyond our country borders and reached a lot of potential partners across Europe. This strategy is very effective and I believe it is the future of lead communication."

  • renaissance
    Marc Nutt | Global Marketing Manager

    I have been very satisfied with what you are doing for us so far. I believe we will reach even more people and generate awareness and interest with potential leads with your team's support in 2021

  • codewrights
    Sven Giesecke | Director Sales & Product Management

    Our cooperation with Ulead Media helped us to use new channels to increase our sales funnel and the results from our first campaign together were higher than expected. We look forward to our continuous business with Ulead Media and expect to see wins through our project pipeline coming from these campaigns soon. Thank you for all your support and dedication.