Unlocking personalized account-based prospecting
At UMG, we shape SDRs into expert communicators.
They delve beyond mere business roles, grasping each contact's communication style and personal passions.
As SDRs build rapport, our market research team ensures contact detail accuracy, allowing the sales front to focus on deepening relationships and driving new leads to your business.
Zero spam, pure authentic connections
We value your reputation as much as you do
That's why we take time to tailor your messages, mirroring your style, local lingo, and key values
Our goal is to create genuine, fruitful connections, not to send out bulk, impersonal messages.
How it works
open rates for our messages
Sales Director
Sales Director
Managing Director
Marketing Director
Sales Manager
Each segment is crucial and will help you attract the right customers for you with no limits
Our partnership journey: Four distinct stages
Founder & Art Director
Tailored SDR Selection
Our meticulous process involves understanding your needs, shortlisting potential SDRs, and allowing you the final decision on who joins your team
This equips your dedicated account manager with critical insights about your business. With multichannel strategies, our outreach team and your SDRs will connect with key decision-makers, enhancing your brand's visibility, and above all, establish valuable connections with your target audience, driving your business forward
Our process doesn't end with deployment
We continuously monitor and improve your SDRs' performance, provide regular reports, and ensure course correction when needed
First month
Tailored SDR Selection
Comprehensive Onboarding and Training
Performance Tracking and Optimization
We schedule a call to get under the skin of your campaign goals, understand your product or service better, and intimately comprehend your target audience. And we prepare your SDRs with all necessary tools, including crafting persona-based outreach copies, providing product training, and leveraging our expansive database for prospecting
Comprehensive Onboarding and Training
Active outreach and connection building:
Tailored SDR Selection
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Not just any SDR
We bring onboard seasoned, native-speaking sales pros with the precise experience you're after.
Receive a concise lineup of 2-3 standout profiles —prepped and primed for your interview.
Take the reins and seal the deal with your top pick, ensuring a seamless team fit.
Enjoy unmatched flexibility to swiftly scale up (or down) your SDR team in mere days, courtesy of our Plug-and-Play solution.
SDR Support: Fueling Your Prospecting Engine
Get started right: Let our UMG Account Manager craft your buyer profiles, pinpoint those USPs, and set the stage from lead gen to tailored email and LinkedIn outreach.
We've got your SDR's back - from email setups to those slick marketing tools and product know-how.
Tailored training sessions and sync-ups for that flawless handover.
Dive deep into our expansive 500 m.+ database for non-stop account-targeted prospecting, featuring the big players' contacts (dials and emails).
Max out on growth: With our SDRs, it's a full-court press via LinkedIn, Email, and calls.
Smooth Sailing: Kick up your Performance Gear
Set your SDRs up right: We got the top-notch training and tools they need to shine.
Stay in the loop: We're talking regular check-ins and updates on how things are rolling.
Got your back with our sales QA pro and account manager — always on standby.
Night owl or early bird, tap into KPIs and call vibes round the clock.
Keeping it clear: Dive into our sales engagement platform for a no-nonsense view of the daily grind.