20 SDRs
Of average increase in the amount of bookings
Meet our Sales Quality Assurance manager
Our QA manager keeps a keen eye on your QA manager every day. They're all about coaching, call reviews, and tweaking those KPIs to get performances humming along. The result? Top-tier results for your business and more free time for you to tackle what really matters
In sales
10+ years
With 5 years of professional experience, our QA manager has developed proprietary metrics for assessing SDR performance
Empowering SDRs: how our QA manager paves the way for success
  • Every SDR call recorded for enhanced performance
    The QA carefully selects and reviews random calls each day. Based on her observations, she provides actionable feedback to the SDRs. She then diligently tracks their progress, ensuring the feedback is effectively implemented for consistently high performance
  • Quantity of daily calls
    Each SDR has daily targets to hit. If performance does not meet those goals, our QA manager intervenes. They conduct a constructive conversation, identifying the areas of improvement and providing actionable solutions to steer performance back towards the set objectives
  • Uncompromised call quality
    We uphold your reputation by ensuring our SDRs adhere to a communication quality checklist. This eliminates extraneous noise, interruptions, and other potential mishaps during calls
You won't have to manage the staff on your own! The QA manager will take care of it
Our Sales QA manager is responsible for the quality of SDRs' work