7 days guarantee
If the SDR Isn't a match, we'll find a better fit
5 years
Guaranteed sales expertise with every SDR
Choose from Native Speakers in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and more
Fluency in your market
Meet your future top tier Sales Development 
Imagine a team of 1-15 dedicated SDRs, handpicked for your product, completely in sync with your sales strategy. Their mission? Forging meaningful connections with potential clients, easing your workload, and empowering your business operations
Whether you're in tech or any other sector, we ensure your SDR has a comprehensive experience in your specific industry
No extra recruitment costs
Forget about taxes, deductions, and training expenses. We've got you covered
Language Proficiency
All our SDRs are native speakers, completely comfortable in their language
In-house team
With 90% of our SDRs based in our Cape Town office,
we ensure a cohesive and synergistic team
Legalities simplified
No need to worry about the legal maze of different countries.
We'll set up your SDR officially, freeing you from legal hurdles
Turnkey SDR solutions: no more searching, training, or retention headaches
Tailored SDR Picks
You lay down the musts, we'll find the fit. Every candidate? Handpicked with niche expertise, stationed in our Cape Town hub, equipped with a solid 5-year sales background, and most importantly, they're all about keeping your rep golden.
Independent Candidate Interviews
Initial screenings are conducted by our Operations Manager and our Sales Quality Assurance Manager. They filter out the best 2-3 candidates from the pack. Your part? Simply make the final call with your own interviews.
Managed Onboarding
Ditch the paperwork and verification drama. And those training bills, severance bits, and health coverage? On us. With a three-way handshake between you, us, and your new sales star, they'll be set to jump right into action.