Revolutionizing Sales Prospecting: Quotation Factory's Transformation Journey with The UMG

About Quotation Factory: Digitally Transforming the Metalworking Industry

In 2018, the metalworking industry was in dire need of a transformative solution. Quotation estimations were labor-intensive, reliant on skilled employees, and came with no deal guarantee. Responding to this, our client introduced Quotation Factory, a pioneering cloud software. Designed to offer instant quotations, it leveraged advanced technology to streamline and automate the process, saving valuable time and resources. This marked a significant shift in the industry, positioning Quotation Factory at the forefront of digital transformation in metalworking.

Quotation Factory Fact Sheet

Industry: Software Development
Company size: 11-50 employees
Headquarters: Eindhoven, Noord Brabant
Founded: 2019

Facing the Giants

For Quotation Factory, a business model dedicated to helping clients save time and attract new customers, the path to realizing their full potential was riddled with two formidable challenges: defining the ideal customer profile and constructing an efficient sales funnel.

Target group

Company Type:
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applying mainly metal
  • metal job shops
  • Public/private/govt & education/NGO/Non-Profit: private
Annual Revenue: > 10.000.000 euro
Number of employees: > 20 FTE
  • UK
  • DE
  • Scandinavia
  • NL
  • BE

The Challenges

Decoding the Ideal Customer

Their unique product offering had the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate, but they grappled with pinpointing the exact clientele that would derive maximum benefit. This painstaking process, which required manual sorting and selection, hindered Quotation Factory from effectively targeting their marketing efforts and seizing their true sales potential.

Building the Perfect Sales Funnel

Alongside this, the task of constructing a comprehensive sales funnel - a series of stages guiding potential customers from initial awareness to final purchase - posed another hurdle. Each step of this funnel, encompassing lead generation, nurturing, and conversion optimization, required careful orchestration.

Our Approach: Simplifying Sales with Strategic Solutions

A collaborative approach was key. An Account Manager (AM) took the helm, identifying relevant companies and decision-makers. Together with a copywriter, they crafted compelling sales messages which were delivered through email and LinkedIn sequences to the decision-makers. The AM then set up the entire sales funnel using sales engagement software. Allowing for transparency, the AM, QA, and the client all had access to the tool to keep a tab on the results and statistics.

The Impact: Quotation Factory's Road to Success

The transformation was palpable. Quotation Factory's campaign yielded remarkable results, driving brand visibility, and generating a wealth of marketing leads and bookings. The meticulously crafted campaign caught the eye of their target audience, amplifying brand recognition, and nurturing promising leads that translated into a significant uptick in bookings. Through our tailored solutions, Quotation Factory unlocked their true potential, catalyzing their growth and success.