Transforming Assets and Building Leads

Company X were looking to expand their network and improve the quality of their leads. They turned to UMG Digital Agency to help them create meaningful, better connections with potential prospects. The result was outstanding – due to our expertly crafted target audience, the outreach found its market and Company X was able to connect to 68 qualified leads within the first month of campaign.


Company X is a Swiss Securities Dealer, established in 1993. As Paying Agent, they create and service financial securities with Swiss ISINs (International Security Identification Number) and help people transform non-bankable assets into securitized bankable assets.


  • Difficulty reaching key decision makers. Having previously only relied on referrals, Company X were not sure how to reach potential prospects in the relevant field.

Our solution

As usual, we started with a one-on-one in-depth call with one of our dedicated Account Managers. Understanding exactly what kind of service they provide and the ideal client they were looking for was essential.


  • Detailed targeting. The thing that sets this campaign apart from other outreach strategies on the market is the meticulous approach to target audience. With the help of Company X, the Account Manager creates a profile of the ideal customer. The default criteria are the following:
    • Industry;
    • Company size;
    • Location;
    • Customer base;
    • Position

While other lead generation companies only provide a list of leads based on a general search of keywords and positions, we went one step deeper. In this case we analysed Company X’s industry, client base and relevant positions – as a result, we were able to produce a list of companies in the relevant field. Then we searched for specific positions within these companies. This enabled us to dismiss potentially uninterested prospects and only focus on the leads who are more likely to benefit from Company X’s services. In total, over 2100 messages were sent.

  • Simple and effective sales copy. The custom messages for potential leads don’t have to be flashy or complex. Our copywriter created simple but effective messages with a strong core idea and a clear call to action, designed to provide help, not sell a product.


Before we began, Company X were able to review and confirm the list of potential prospects and messages, and so the first campaign began. The purpose of the campaign was to find leads that would schedule a call or leave their contact details.

  • The dedicated Account Manager would send up to 100 personalised messages daily to potential prospects.
  • If a person replied, he or she would stop sending other scheduled messages in this campaign and hand over communication to the client.
  • Company X had access to their personal account the entire time; however, to make communication easier, the messages were gathered into a CRM where they would be able to monitor the success of the campaign.


During the first month the campaign had an outstanding success rate of 36%! Out of 2100+ prospects Company X was able to make meaningful connections with 68 qualified leads and another 37 possible prospects. Due to well-crafted targeting, the messages found the right audience, and Company X is now helping new clients secure their assets.

Next steps

After the success of the first campaign, Company X was encouraged to continue their lead generation outreach. We are now developing a second campaign focusing on a different market.

Main takeaways

  • Careful targeting. It’s important that your messages reach the right audience. Simple categorisation by basic filters is not enough – you should research the industry, major companies and positions to make sure you only connect to the people who want to be connected.

Loved following Company X’s story and was wondering if you could replicate their remarkable success for your company?