Making a Difference During the Pandemic with Lead Generation

Company UX was dedicated to bringing safe and reliable laboratory testing to people in Africa in the middle of a pandemic. They turned to UMG Digital Agency to help them find relevant people so that life-changing information can be implemented at the decision-making level. The result was outstanding – due to our expertly crafted target audience, Company UX were able to connect to 111 qualified leads within the first 2 months of lead generation campaign.

NOTE: We have promised our client not to use their name in our case study, however, if want their confirmation of the authenticity of this report, please let us know and we will put you in contact with them.

About Company UX

Company UX provides a digital solution to help efficiently manage laboratory testing process, providing accessibility, accuracy, timeliness, and ensuring confidentiality of patient information in laboratories across Africa.


challenges before lead generation
  • Difficulty reaching key decision makers. Company UX needed help approaching potential prospects in the relevant field.

Our Process

lead generation how to

1v1 call. As usual, it was important for us to understand what makes Company UX unique. We began by having an in-depth 1-1 call with Company UX to understand their business, objectives and challenges, in order to decide a plan of action.

Research. Dedicated Account Manager responsible for this campaign analysed Company UX situation, industry as well as the target location and their sales practices. Using detailed criteria such as Industry, Company size, Title, keywords, we handbuilt the list of 2000+ leads.

Designing a sales copy. Our experienced copywriters created a custom sales copy designed to establish a connection and help rather than making a sale. Mentality and response habits of the region were taken into account.


Company UX were always involved in the process, with the power to make changes and adjustments to the target list and messages. The campaign began after their approval.

The purpose of this outreach was to find leads that would schedule a call or leave their contact details.

The dedicated Account Manager would send up to 100 personalised messages daily to potential prospects. If a person replied, Account Manager would stop sending other scheduled messages in this campaign and hand over communication to the client.

Company UX had access to their personal account the entire time; however, to make communication easier, the messages were gathered into a CRM where they would be able to monitor the success of the campaign.


lead generation results

Within the first 2 months the campaign had an outstanding success rate. Company UX was able to connect to 119 qualified leads who were ready for a call, and another 105 potential leads to reconnect with in the future. Due to well-crafted targeting, the messages found the right audience, and Company UX is now helping laboratories across Africa make people safer.

Main takeaway

LinkedIn automated outreach provides a level of personalisation with potential prospects that is very hard to achieve on other communication channels. A carefully written message sent to the right person works its prospecting magic precisely because of this inherent personalisation. LinkedIn drip campaigns are the new world in the world of modern marketing tools. Trusting a team of experts that can navigate this platform, automatise the process and provide personal touch is essential to building a sales pipeline of ready and steady leads.

Loved following Company UX’s story and was wondering if you could replicate their remarkable success for your company?