Opening Doors: New Leads and New Visitors

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X-Plora saw a window of opportunity for their industry at the time of closed doors and visitors stuck at home; however, they had difficulty entering a new market and reaching their potential clients. UMG Digital Agency stepped in and developed a quality list of potential prospects and an effective sales copy. Through LinkedIn, X-Plora was able to initiate contact with over 21 qualified leads in just a month.


X-Plora is a start-up software company which digitally recreates venues for the web to provide a new kind of virtual immersive experience for visitors.


  • Difficulty reaching decision-maker prospects. Client wanted to introduce their service to the UK as it had one of the tightest government restrictions for museums due to COVID-19, but they struggled to get through to decision-makers in the relevant field.
  • Lack of outbound activities. X-Plora never used LinkedIn leads or other outbound advertising to promote their services. They relied on contacting the lead personally and presenting them with the showcasing pitch.

Our solution

We started with an in-depth call with X-Plora. We needed to know exactly what sets them apart from their competitors and what kind of enterprise they are looking for.

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UMG Digital Agency


  • Targeting
    Seeing as targets were X-Plora’s main challenges, we took our time doing detailed research into the industry and the UK museum market. Our dedicated Account Manager created an ideal customer profile — we then gathered a database of high-value 2000+ leads for nurturing using open-source social media platforms.
  • Confirming a successful sales copy
    Since X-Plora never relied on outbound marketing, it was important for us to create an effective sales copy that would touch the right people. Our copywriters made sure the 4 messages did not sound like spam or advertising, but rather as conversation openers that would pique the curiosity of potential clients.


Before we started our first campaign, X-Plora was able to review our work, to confirm the messages reflected the company’s brand and the target list featured only high-value leads. The main purpose of the campaign was to generate new prospects who would provide their contact details for the demo call and further communication. The outreach looked like this:

  • The Account Manager responsible for the execution of the campaign was able to reach up to 100 people on daily basis.
  • If a person replied, Account Manager would stop sending other scheduled messages in this campaign and hand over communication to the client.
  • X-Plora had access to their account and also a personal CRM dashboard where they could see potential clients’ responses, schedule meetings with new leads and monitor the success of the campaign.


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During just a 1-month long campaign, X-Plora was able to connect to 2000 potential prospects and amass 21 new qualified leads who left their details or scheduled a call and a further 37 interested leads.

As UMG Digital Agency opened the doors for X-Plora’s entry to the market, X-Plora will open doors to thousands of virtual visitors in this trying time.

Future Prospects

This is just a beginning for X-Plora. After the success of the first campaign, we are developing a second one — now targeting UK stadiums and sports venues.

Main takeaways

  • Research and detailed targeting are key. It’s important to know who, what and where your customers are, what they might be interested in and how they can benefit from your services.
  • Strong sales copies are important. People do not like being advertised to — but they do like engaging in discussions on topics they know a lot about.
  • LinkedIn is an effective social media tool for lead generation. It’s a great platform for identifying your audience and reaching them directly. For X-Plora and many companies like it looking to expand their customer base or break into a new market, LinkedIn is the main way forward.

Loved following the success of X-Plora and would like to see how you can reach new clients and take your sales to the next level?