How to Reach Your Ideal Client (CodeWrights Case Study)

Our cooperation with the UMG helped us to use new channels to increase our sales funnel. We look forward to our continued business with the UMG and expect to see wins through our project pipeline.”


One of the biggest challenges for sales departments across industries everywhere is finding a way to reach their potential clients. How do you find those who might be interested? Where do you contact them? What’s the right way to approach them?

The challenge is amplified by the degree of niche-ness in the industry and specificity of the product. The stakes are high — it’s not just about identifying the right prospect, but also engaging them in a meaningful way and not scaring them away.

This was the case for CodeWrights, a German software developer for devices in the process automation industry. Like many in their niche, they struggled with identifying the right prospects, and building rapport with them.

Luckily, the UMG team had a solution.

Over the course of the 2-month targeted lead generation campaign CodeWrights got in touch with 93 qualified leads and a further 103 prospects available to nurture in the future.

It was an outstanding result. Here’s what we did right.

About CodeWrights

Location: Germany

Size: 11–50

Industry: Information Technology & Services

CodeWrights develop customer specific software solutions for device manufacturers and plant operators in the process automation industry.


  • Difficulty identifying and getting in touch with the relevant decision-makers in their niche
  • Building a personal relationship and rapport with the prospects

UMG solution

After studying CodeWrights’ USP and industry, the UMG team started the process of creating an ideal buyer profile along with a personalised marketing sales copy.

Careful targeting

The Account Manager assigned to CodeWrights organised and supervised the entire process of creating a sustainable funnel, and was the single point of contact for all communication with CodeWrights team.

In order to compile a targeted list of high-value relevant profiles, Account Manager did extensive research into CodeWrights’ industry and past clients. At first we used firmographic data to determine the basic qualities of the ideal target client. These were the parameters:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Company Headcount

Once the list of companies was obtained, it was time to clean it up and produce a smaller, more targeted list.

The more precise your audience is, the more qualified are the leads.

Account Manager cross-referenced the list of companies with the profiles of past and desired clients. We were able to determine specific behavioural patterns and key words that differentiated past clients and identify the features that would be relevant in desired clients.

When it was time to focus on the individual prospects, Account Manager determined the following criteria:

  • Seniority — to make sure the decision-making level;
  • Job Title — to target professionals with the most relevant scope.

As a final step, Account Manager used a behavioural segmentation approach with the help of keywords to determine the needs and attitudes of potential clients.

Total number of potential prospects for 2 months: 3800+

Intelligent account engagement

What is the best way to approach a potential client? The UMG solution — surround them from multiple communication channels.

An omni channel approach builds credibility and trust while at the same time delivering results.

Communication channels: 2

We used a combination of LinkedIn and Email outreach in a connected sequence.

Compelling sales copy

What do you say to an executive in the process automation industry to get them to respond?

Short and sweet did the trick.

Instead of wasting characters on describing CodeWrights’ strengths, our copywriter made the marketing copy short but direct pushing for an introductory call.


AT the end of the 2-month period, the results were outstanding. CodeWrights connected with 93 qualified leads and a further 106 potential leads to nurture and re-target in the future.

With the help of the UMG team, CodeWrights:

  • Increased their global reach. Previously, the company did business primarily in Germany and select countries in Europe. After the campaign, they expanded to the global market, acquiring partners in the USA, Brazil and Canada.
  • Filled up the sales pipeline. Suffice to say, there wasn’t a shortage of leads in the 2 months of the campaign. The sales department kept busy — and there’s still leads to nurture and follow up on in the future!

Here’s what Sven Giesecke, Director of Sales & Product Management at CodeWrights said about the outcomes:

“Our cooperation with Ulead Media helped us to use new channels to increase our sales funnel and the results from our first campaign together were higher than expected. We look forward to our continued business with Ulead Media and expect to see wins through our project pipeline coming from these campaigns soon. Thank you for all your support and dedication.”

Key takeaways

  • Highly sophisticated targeting is key. Reaching out to everyone in the hopes of bagging a sale is an outdated and ineffective method of building genuine connections with your leads. The more targeted your audience is, the higher are the chances you will find a good fit for a fruitful partnership.
  • Market segmentation and personalised marketing will find its way into the heart of the coldest process automation executive. Personalisation truly is the most important trend of 2021. Through all the optimising and scaling, it’s easy to forget you are speaking with real humans but selling is about your relationship with the prospect.