How to Raise Brand Awareness with Email Marketing

At a time of disconnect and uncertainty, Company Z saw an opportunity to teach people to not only deal with the unpredictability and complexity of COVID times but also thrive in the new world.

They launched a series of webinars to equip professionals with tools to assess and manage their mental health, well-being and interpersonal relationships at the office and at home.

Driven by years of experience and knowledge, Company Z strived to reach as many people as possible who might be in need of support and educate them to navigate these uncertain landscapes.

The question became — what is the most powerful but also cost-effective way to spread educational support around the world? UMG Digital Agency came to help with a plan to promote the first part of the webinar using an intelligent approach via LinkedIn and Email channels.

The results, as you will see, were outstanding — with a total of 53 people expressing interest in attending the webinar with a few others who expressed a desire to start cooperation with Company Z.

Here’s what Company Z did right.

Company Profile

Company Z is a global provider of innovative personalised selection and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations.


The main focus of this promotional campaign was to raise awareness of Company Z’s brand and contributions, as well as increase signups to the series of workshops and webinars. The hope was to start a long-term cooperation with interested L&D professionals.


The best course of action was agreed to be a multi-channel combined approach of LinkedIn and Emails. Personal connection on LinkedIn provides the necessary level of personalisation to the cold email and also creates the start for a long-term beneficial relationship with a potential prospect.

Cold Emails have long been an effective B2B marketing tool, with over 70% business in 2020 closing deals using email, so it was an appropriate channel for the outreach.

Those whose email was not openly accessible were contacted on LinkedIn only.

To ensure the success of the campaign, UMG’s team of 4 experts worked in close contact with Company Z.

The Lead Admin analysed Company Z’s industry and desired target and was able to create the profile of the ideal prospect. Using open-source tools, Lead Admin determined a few key criteria such as Location, Industry, Company Headcount, Title and keywords to identify the most relevant leads and built a list of 2200+ people.

Experienced copywriter designed a smart series of copy emails and messages with clever and interesting subject lines that not only promoted the webinar, but aroused people’s curiosity on the subject and encouraged them to get in contact with Company Z.

UMG’s IT team ensured email deliverability and consistently high open rates.

The Compliance Manager made certain the emails and prospect contact information was in agreement with GDPR privacy laws.

Company Z was included in every step of the process to guarantee transparency and trust.


The email marketing campaign was very successful. In total, over 2200+ prospects were approached. Out of these, 53 people took the opportunity to sign up for one of the workshops and another 65 expressed their interest to learn more about Company Z.

Using a combination of LinkedIn and Email, Company Z were able to raise awareness of their workshops and activities on the market as well as connect to working professionals and establish a long-term collaboration.

Next steps

Following the success of the first campaign, Company Z have decided to use a similar approach for their upcoming virtual events in 2021, to continue spreading important information and awareness about self-improvement.

Bottom line

Multi-channel drip campaigns are the future of digital marketing. Using 2 different communication channels with friendly, conversational messages helps establish trust and makes the prospect open to hearing ideas and considering collaboration, more so than simple cold emails and cold calls.