How to Enter New Market with Lead Generation


Company X-s, a business with an established place in the market in the Netherlands and Europe, aspired to expand to Asia and set up a presence in Thailand. UMG Digital Agency helped them breach the initial block and connect to relevant decision makers in a new market. As a result, within the first month Company X-s made contact with 45 qualified leads and secured a place on the Thai market.

About Company X-s

Company X-s provide a digital platform with a sophisticated algorithm to measure and optimise people experiences – both for customers and employees.


Reaching decision makers in a new market. Since Thailand was an untapped market, Company X-s didn’t have a way of reaching relevant people through traditional channels.

Establishing a ready sales pipeline in a new location. The Thailand branch was brand-new with only a small sales team, so it was challenging to set up a steady sales flow.

The process

Onboarding stage – 15 days

1v1 call. We started by having an in-depth 1-1 call with Company X-s to understand their business, USP, objectives and challenges, in order to decide a plan of action.

Research. Then the work on the relevant target list began. Dedicated Account Manager responsible for this campaign analysed Company X-s industry and client base, and created a profile of the ideal customer. Using detailed criteria such as Industry, Company size, Title, keywords, we handbuilt the list of 2000+ leads.

Designing a sales copy. We usually craft a unique message copy for the campaign, but in this instance Company X-s provided their own messages.

Outreach – 30 days

Before we began, Company X-s were able to review and confirm the list of potential prospects and messages, and so the first campaign began. The purpose of the campaign was to find leads that would schedule a call or leave their contact details.

The dedicated Account Manager would send up to 100 personalised messages daily to potential prospects. If a person replied, Account Manager would stop sending other scheduled messages in this campaign and hand over communication to the client. Company X-s had access to their personal account the entire time; however, to make communication easier, the messages were gathered into a CRM where they would be able to monitor the success of the campaign.


Within the first month the campaign had an outstanding success rate of 36%! Company X-s was able to connect to 45 qualified leads who were ready to try their demo, and another 30 potential leads to reconnect in the future. Due to well-crafted targeting, the messages found the right audience, and Company X-s now has an established sales pipeline of ready leads to expand their Asian reach.

Next steps

This has only been the first month of the campaign – for the 2nd and 3rd month we will be continuing outreach in Thailand, working hand-in-hand with the shared goal of building a network of qualified leads and help Company X-s sales team to engage with relevant people.

Main takeaway

LinkedIn drip campaigns are the new world in the world of modern marketing tools. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn provides the possibility of personal connection with people all over the world, making it possible to expand into new markets. Trusting a team of experts that can navigate this platform, automatise the process and provide personal touch is essential to building a sales pipeline of ready and steady leads.

Loved following Company X’s story and was wondering if you could replicate their remarkable success for your company?