Bringing Diversity and Inclusion to the Workplace

In the 21st century, the impact businesses have on society is being monitored more than ever, and CSR is not just an obsolete concept which people dare not say out loud. To help companies bring a positive change, Company-Y offers a unique digital mentoring platform, which was developed to mentor and guide employees in Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Development, and Corporate Volunteering engagements.

Our job at UMG Digital Agency was to help C-Y connect with the professionals interested in introducing Diversity & Inclusion mentoring in their companies. In less than a month after we started our LinkedIn lead generation campaign, C-Y was in contact with 60 qualified leads.

To show you how we did it, let’s start from the beginning.

NOTE: We have promised our client not to use their name in our case study, however, if want their confirmation of the authenticity of this report, please let us know and we will put you in contact with them.

Main Challenges

  • Expand their network of prospects in a short period of time. As diversity and inclusion are currently one of the most discussed topics, Company Y wanted to make sure they can communicate their message and help as many companies as they could. However, they were unable to do so.
  • Finding the decision makers: One of the things which almost any company is struggling with, is finding the decision makers who are not only interested in their product/service but can actually make the decision of buying it.

Our Solution

We started with a call and in-depth analysis of the company and their main product. One of the essential things for us when creating the LinkedIn campaign was to understand what makes Company-Y unique and why people should buy their product.

Our CMO and the Account Manager, assigned to this client, created the perfect customer profile, based on several days of research and analysis of businesses operating in the US. Targeting decision makers who wanted to introduce D&I programs, our managers gathered a data base of +1,600 high value potential prospects.

Our copywriters came up with four messages which were carefully created for the target audience. The goal of those messages was to initiate connection and a real conversation, rather than be sales-focused.

Of course, Company-Y was included during the whole process, and we did not begin the execution of the campaign before receiving their confirmation regarding the list of high-valued leads and the four messages.

The last step was to begin the outreach. The Account Manager responsible for the execution of the campaign sent up to 100 messages via LinkedIn on a daily basis. Upon receiving a reply from an interested party, the manager would stop sending the scheduled messages and hand over communication to the client.

Through their CRM dashboard, the client was able to monitor the development of the whole campaign, including customer replays, scheduled meeting, and the overall progress.

Final results

Outstanding results after 1 month of intelligent prospecting (lead generation)

From the start of the campaign, Company-Y reached +1,600 potential prospects, which later resulted in 60 qualified leads who were strongly interested and left a contact or directly spoke to Company-Y regarding future cooperation, and a further +35 second priority leads.

As an agency which supports Diversity and Inclusivity, we are happy to say we were able to help C-Y expand its positive impact not only to employees, but society as a whole.

Next steps…

The results our campaign achieved were outstanding, and Company-Y was happy to continue working with us. Currently, we are building a second LinkedIn campaign focused on another market segment, which will further help expand their network of potential leads.

Main Takeaways

  • Knowing your target audience is essential, especially when executing a lead generation campaign. What is even more essential is knowing how to find the decision makers!
  • LinkedIn is a communication channel which every B2B company should use in order to generate more leads. You don’t have to connect +2,000 prospects every month, start from 1 and work your way up.
  • Make sure you are trying to HELP your prospects, and not just sell them your product. This is why you should take your time and create the perfect sales copy, which will take communication to another level.

Loved following Company C-Y’s story and was wondering if you could replicate their remarkable success for your company?