50 Fresh Leads in 3 Months with Email Marketing

Know the feeling of your internet freezing right before an important call? With everyone working from home, the importance of good internet connection became crucial. Businesses want strengthen their telecommunications — and save money doing so.

Company M, a major Irish telecommunications provider was looking to support Irish businesses through a hard time, but they needed help connecting with relevant prospects.

The UMG team helped Company M identify their ideal leads, decide on the right approach and set up LinkedIn and Email marketing campaigns. As a result, in 3 months of cooperation, Company M gained 50 qualified leads, 95 second-degree leads and have already signed with 5 businesses (and counting!)

NOTE: We have promised our client not to use their name in our case study, however, if want their confirmation of the authenticity of this report, please let us know and we will put you in contact with them.

About Company M

Company M is Ireland’s biggest connectivity provider in partnership with over 10,000 Irish businesses, focusing on ultra-fast symmetric internet connection and human-touch customer service.

Goals and objectives

  • Find a cost-effective way of connecting with potential prospects
  • Establish an email marketing funnel
  • Support Irish businesses through a hard time

What we’ve done

Prospect identification

First order of business when creating a new campaign is identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Who is your ideal client? What are they struggling with? Are they looking for solutions?

Through research and communication with Company M the Account Manager dedicated to this case built a picture of the ideal prospect and sourced the list of 2000 relevant prospects for the first month.

Cold emails

Using the data above, our Copywriter crafted personalised messages that would resonate with potential buyers. One of the main points Company M wanted to bring across is their personal approach to each customer and a personable attitude. This is exactly what the Copywriter focused on in the cold emails — a natural, friendly and excited voice.


UMG were using a combination of LinkedIn and Email cold outreach.

The IT team set up the cold email automation service and ensured high deliverability, open and reply rates.

With the knowledge of current LinkedIn restrictions, our team sent the cold messages carefully. Small batch volumes and sparse sending times allowed the Company M marketing and sales teams to catch up on the messages and respond to interested leads right way (which increased their chances of going through with the deal).

If the prospect replied at any stage of the outreach, the Account Manager stopped the messages and handed over the communication to the client.

Reports & optimisation

The UMG prepared a detailed report for every month of the campaign, detailing the messages sent, open and reply rates and how they compare with industry averages.

Based on this information, Company M could alter any piece of the campaign accordingly. For example, we enhanced the messages for better reply rates and modified the account search to include the most relevant prospects.

At the end of the campaign Company M received a full list with everyone who responded to the outreach, with their contact information, company name, title and location, which can be used in future marketing campaigns.

Key takeaways

  • Creating an Ideal Customer Profile is crucial to an outbound email marketing campaign.
  • Understanding exactly who you are connecting with and why your offer will be beneficial will make the outreach more effective.
  • Analysing data at every stage of the campaign will allow room for improvement for maximum efficiency

If you are looking to establish and scale your email and LinkedIn marketing, give us a call and we’ll help you set up a custom funnel that brings results.